Collaboration and Synergies

Collaboration and Synergies cover

The AI4EOSC project establishes synergies and collaborations with other projects and initiatives to foster interoperability, collaborating in the organisation of workshops and meetings to exchange knowledge.

iMagine provides a portfolio of image datasets, high-performance image analysis tools empowered with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Best Practice documents for scientific image analysis.
FlexiGrobots is an Innovation Action aiming to build a platform for flexible heterogeneous multi-robot systems for intelligent automation of precision agriculture operations, providing multiple benefits to farmers around the world.
The project builds on the expertise of leading research organizations, infrastructure providers, NRENs and user communities from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France, all already committed to the EOSC vision
EOSC Future is an EU-funded H2020 project that is implementing the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). EOSC will give European researchers access to a wide web of FAIR data and related services.
EOSC DIH is an international and multi-partner cooperation that supports companies in easily accessing the digital technologies and services offered by the EOSC. It combines 4 main pillars to help companies become more competitive: Pilot design and co-design, Technical access, Training & support and Visibility.
EGI-ACE is a 30-month project coordinated by the EGI Foundation with a mission to empower researchers from all disciplines to collaborate in data- and compute-intensive research through free-at-point-of-use services.
A comprehensive platform for machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in the European Open Science Cloud. Developing, training, sharing and deploying your model has never been easier.
The CSIC AIHUB is a network of centres that brings together more than 400 researchers whose mission is to bring together CSIC research staff dedicated to AI to collaborate in research, training, transfer and communication activities.
The AI-on-Demand Platform (AIoD) is a community-driven channel designed to empower European research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), while ensuring the European seal of quality, trustworthiness and explainability.

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