Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing (CS3)

Barcelona Barcelona, Spain

The CS3MESH4EOSC project was an official supporter of CS3 Conference 2022. The CS3 community consists of providers, developers, and users of innovative storage and sync&share systems. Its services are integrated with user environments and higher-level application services. Furthermore, CS3 reports on the progress in data science at all levels, namely local laboratories, regional collaborations, and global science. CS3 applications range from innovative big- data analysis to science outreach and education.

Wiosenne Targi Rolno- Ogrodnicze AGROMARSZ

Marszew Marszew, Poland

Integrated plant protection use case presentation about the use caseroll-up/presentation Public, farmers, agriculture machinery producers, domain experts


Tirana Tirana, Albania

The largest and most prestigious research and education networking conference, TNC attracts a truly diverse audience of over 800 participants from more than 70 countries, representing national and regional research and education networks, schools and universities, technology providers, and many of the world’s most exciting scientific projects. By bringing together decision-makers, networking and security specialists, identity and access management experts, researchers, academics and students, TNC offers a unique collaborative experience.

Regionalne Targi Rolnicze Goaszyn

Goaszyn Goaszyn, Poland

Integrated plant protection use caseroll-up /presentationpresentation about the use case. Public, farmers, agriculture machinery producers, domain experts

ISC High Performance 2023

Hamburg Hamburg, Germany

ISC High Performance 2023 is an international conference and exhibition that fosters the growth of a global HPC community of technology providers and users. This growing community now includes machine learning, data analytics, and quantum computing practitioners. The first ISC conference was held in 1986. At this annual forum, the community comes together to exchange visions, ideas, and knowledge and dare each other to imagine a better tomorrow. I SC 2023 will be held from May 21 – 25 in Hamburg, Germany, and expects over 3,000 international attendees.

Krajowe Dni Pola 2023

Sielinko Sielinko, Poland

Integrated plant protection use caseroll-up /presentation presentation about the use case. Public, farmers, agriculture machinery producers, domain experts, area of innovation

Retos de la IA

CSIC Pg. de St. Joan, 108, Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain

Dive into the current challenges of AI research at the "Challenges of AI" event by CSIC in Barcelona, specifically designed for young AI researchers. Listen to expert talks, engage in a 3-day Hackathon, and participate in a discussion about AI & Education. Network, learn, and share your research, all while enjoying social activities like a welcome toast and an AI music concert. Don't miss out!

Tecnologías medioambientales emergentes para la sostenibilidad del planeta

Suances C/Acacio Gutierrez, 140, Suances, Cantabria

Join us in Suances for an insightful course exploring the utility of wastewater and the energy potential of microorganisms. With a focus on practical, technological applications for environmental sustainability, this course is suitable for students, teachers, and professionals alike. Learn about biofactories, biogas plants, and make your contribution to a sustainable future.

IFAC 2023

Yokohama Yokohama, Japan

The Open Invited track - Human in the Loop of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Maintenance and Manufacturing Systems will be organised at the IFAC World Congress, the flagship event of the International Federation of Automatic Control, that takes place every 3 years. AI-driven human augmentation or industrial automation have seen many applications in maintenance and manufacturing. Much is expected to be achieved in automated manner from Machine Learning in industrial systems, leaving the possibility for properly integrating human knowledge and human capabilities insufficiently exploited. Yet, the application practice of Machine Learning and broader AI in Maintenance and Manufacturing provides ample evidence of brittleness of derived solutions in the face of limited or new data, changing contexts, or evolving situations. AI communities seek to address such challenges with approaches such as Transfer Learning. Employing human operators, workers, or engineering staff as a source of observation, knowledge, decision, or action is another…

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Teledetección como herramienta global

Santander Santander, Cantabria, Spain

A course on remote sensing techniques and their applications in the context of global change. Engage in practical sessions, roundtables and lectures from experts at PTI of CSIC, universities, businesses, and UN organizations. Ideal for students, postdocs, research staff, and professionals. Available both in-person and streaming.

European AI Forum

The European AI Forum has turned into a network of associations that want to make sure startups and innovators in Member States have a voice when it comes to building an AI regulatory framework. Our mission is to set the agenda on how AI is approached in Europe, both in terms of policy and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to serve as a platform where entrepreneurs and policymakers get together to jointly determine the path forward for European AI innovation.