AI4EOSC uses the power of AI and meteorological data to provide timely and precise warnings for farmers and local communities. By combining radar imagery, in-situ measurements and numerical weather predictions, our project generates added-value products that improve farmers' activity and minimise the damage caused by high-impact weather conditions related to thunderstorms such as squalls, hail, lightning or flash floods.

Our AI-based approach enables us to grasp complex non-linear features of natural processes. Particularly, it combines large-scale data with local point measurements to benefit from the preciseness of the ground based data and the spatial coverage from the radar imagery.

Our target users include farmers, public administration, and local governments. With our thunderstorm warnings, farmers can plan their work activities and ensure their safety, while public administration and local governments can prepare emergency response plans and minimise the impact.

Join us in AI4EOSC project and stay one step ahead of thunderstorms!