First Open Call

AI4EOSC, a cutting-edge initiative at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), is now accepting applications for new use cases that want to accelerate their AI model development in the EOSC.

After releasing the first version of the AI4EOSC platform and AI4OS software stack, we are launching the 1st Open Call for New AI4EOSC Pilots. The goal is to onboard researchers, businesses and innovators developing innovative solutions and help them improve their products and services by taking advantage of AI/ML/DL technologies and models within the EOSC.

The main features of the platform include:

  • Support for performing federated learning training with data decentralized in different sites.
  • Use of interactive, intuitive and user-friendly integrated development environments, such as Visual Studio Code or JupyterLab.
  • Transparent and seamless access to resources such as CPUs, GPUs, deploying and testing AI/ML/DL models.
  • Support for monitoring AI/ML/DL models using MLOps and drift detection techniques.
  • User support, documentation and tutorials on the use of the platform.

The selected pilots will receive support in, among other areas:

  • Using the production AI4EOSC platform, with early access to preview of new and experimental features.
  • Accessing EOSC e-infrastructure resources and additional technical services.
  • Prototyping, scaling up, design, performance verification and testing.
  • Building partnerships with other partners, SMEs and the ecosystem.

At this stage we will select up to 3 new pilots to onboard the platform.

Who can apply

Research organizations, researchers, start-ups, spin-offs or, SMEs from EU countries (eligible to HE) are invited to apply for this Open Call, provided that they fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Develop solutions using different AI4EOSC services:
    • Priority is on the federated learning training on data distributed on different sites.
    • However, we welcome any other innovative ideas.
  • Optionally
    • Contributing to the AI4EOSC catalog of modules (this one and this other one)
    • Makes use of, or contributes to the EOSC, FAIR and open data ecosystem.

In need of inspiration? You can find current AI4EOSC use cases here.


The expression of interest phase will run until April 30th 2024, 11:59pm CEST.



Applications will be evaluated by members of the AI4EOSC consortium. Highest score evaluation will be invited to sign a Memorandum of Understanding – (MoU) before implementing their pilot.

Timeline: Call deadline + 15 days.


Execution of pilots developing solutions using AI4EOSC platform.

Timeline: 3-9 Months of execution, depending on scope and results to be achieved.


Report pilot activities, the extent to which the services were used in their pilot, and its socio-economic impact. An additional lightweight survey will be provided. Promotional activities will be explored and agreed with each pilot.

Timeline: 3 weeks after the execution.


Do you have any questions about the AI4EOSC Platform?

Feel free to reach out to us at