AI4EOSC 1 is out! A new toolbox for developing and running AI models in the EOSC

AI4EOSC 1 is out! A new toolbox for developing and running AI models in the EOSC

AI4EOSC, a cutting-edge initiative at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), is releasing the first version of the AI4EOSC platform and the AI4OS software stack which powers it. AI4EOSC provides a user-friendly workbench and toolbox for developing and running AI models, tightly integrated with the EOSC, now available for new users.

A series of webinars have been organised in relation to the first release. They cover different topics, from AI and applications such as image processing to federated learning.

The AI4EOSC platform is a cloud-based system for the development of AI applications and models, integrated in the EOSC and powered by the AI4OS software stack.

The main new features in the release include:

  • Flexible and transparent access to cloud resources, such as GPUs, CPUs and storage;
  • Integrated support for federated learning training on distributed data
  • Availability of MLOps tools for model monitoring and drift detection
  • Inference platform for scalable serverless inference of AI models, including event-driven data processing.

The platform documentation is available online and list of the components is available here.

Learn more during our webinars!

What’s next? A new call for external use cases will be launched soon. Follow us on X to stay tuned!.

Project coordinator:
Alvaro Lopez