AI4EOSC meets the halfway mark: successes, achievements and goals

AI4EOSC meets the halfway mark: successes, achievements and goals

The release of the first version of the AI4EOSC platform and the next call for external users will mark the project’s halfway milestone in February 2024. The three use cases integrated in the project –agrometeorology, integrated plant protection and thermography– are already using the platform to exploit their data to the fullest and develop artificial intelligence applications according to their needs. Specifically, the platform provides users with their necessary computational requirements, such as memory disk, CPU cores and GPUs.

Throughout the first half of the project (funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe call), several updates have been made to the architecture of the platform, which follows the C4 interactive model and is openly available for consultation. Although the platform has not been launched to the general public yet, it already has dozens of jobs running, including developers and use cases, and a total of 28 GPUs are in use.

Last November, the first user workshop was held in Bratislava (Slovakia) in collaboration with several colleagues from the iMagine project, which further strengthened the collaboration of these sister projects. This collaboration is due to the fact that both platforms make use of AI4OS, which is the name of the generic software stack that drives the implementations of both platforms.
Besides, a total of 8 publications have been produced in the context of the project, 7 of them in high impact journals and the remaining one in an international peer-reviewed conference. For more details on these publications, check the AI4EOSC community page in the Zenodo repository.

What’s next? A new call for external users will be launched soon, as well as a series of webinars covering different topics, from AI and applications to federated learning or MLOps. Follow us on X to stay tuned!