AI4EOSC at the EOSC Winter School 2024

AI4EOSC at the EOSC Winter School 2024

Organised by the EOSC Association, the EOSC Focus project and other EOSC-related initiatives, the school unfolded in Greece, 29th of January-1st of February, to provide opportunity to collaborate and enhance technical expertise across diverse Opportunity Areas (OAs). The Winter School was organised to enhance collaboration and integration among EOSC-related Horizon Europe projects, and synchronize with the deliverables of the EOSC-A Task Forces.

The Opportunity Areas included:OA1 Persistent Identifiers (PIDs)

  • OA2 Metadata, Ontologies & Interoperability
  • OA3 FAIR Assessment & Alignment
  • OA4 User & Resource Environments
  • OA5 Skills, Training, Rewards, Recognition & Upskilling
  • OA6 Open Scholarly Communication

In addition, the Sustainable Pathways to Impact track was organized to progress integration of the developments of HE INFRAEOSC projects into the EOSC landscape monitoring activities.

The AI4EOSC representatives (Marcin Plociennik, Amanda Calatrava Arroyo and Fernando Aguilar) took active tole in the sessions of the OA3, OA4 and OA2. Furthermore, the AI4EOSC exploitation and KER management was taken as a reference example during the Impact session.